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    山东潍坊拖拉机厂集团有限公司是中国农机行业大型骨干企业之一AsiaGAME,有60年发展历史AsiaGAME。企业注册资本1.9亿元AsiaGAME,占地面积21万平方米AsiaGAME,分别在潍坊市经济技术开发区和坊子区建立“拖拉机工业园”和“动力机械工业园”AsiaGAME。 拖拉机年产能力10万台套AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME,发动机年产能力8万台套,发电机组年产能力3万台套AsiaGAME。



    3WP系列植?;?AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME,具有地隙高、扭矩大、越野能力强AsiaGAME、性能可靠等特点,可以更好地满足深泥脚AsiaGAME、高粘度土质水田及全地况旱田作业;该系列产品采用成熟的液力变矩器变速箱AsiaGAME,实现无极调速AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME,满足不同作业速度的要求AsiaGAME。喷药系统配置手动或智能喷药控制系统AsiaGAME,通过对行走速度AsiaGAME、药液压力和流量的控制实现精准定量喷药AsiaGAME;植保作业喷幅可以实现14 米AsiaGAMEAsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、16米、18米、24米等不同幅宽;配备不同的喷药系统及控制系统AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME,该系列产品还可满足棉花、黄烟、等阔叶农作物的植保管理AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME。

    发动机主要有WZH495(4100AsiaGAME、4102AsiaGAME、4105)系列AsiaGAME、WR系列(105、108、110)、WR6113(6116)系列AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、 WR 6126系列AsiaGAMEAsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、M(128)系列3-16缸发动机AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME,共200余个品种AsiaGAMEAsiaGAMEAsiaGAME,功率覆盖20-1000KW以上AsiaGAME,产品油耗低、排放好AsiaGAME,具有良好的动力性AsiaGAMEAsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、经济性AsiaGAME、起动性、配套性等特点。发动机有柴油AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、气体等多种燃料动力,主要配套应用于拖拉机AsiaGAME、发电机组AsiaGAME、汽车AsiaGAMEAsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、船舶AsiaGAMEAsiaGAME、工程机械等领域AsiaGAME。





    Shandong Weituo Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter called SWT) is one of the largest backbone enterprises in Chinese Agricultural Machinery Field. It has more than 60 year history and its registered capital is 190 million RMB. SWT covers 210,000 square meters of tractor industrial garden and power machinery industrial garden which are located respectively in Weifang Economic Technology Developing Zone and Fangzi District. Tractor annual output is 100000 units. Engine annual output is 80,000 units. Genset annual output is 30,000 units.  

    The SWT mainly produces agriculture equipment (including various types of wheeled tractors, plant protection machinery, etc.), power machinery (including diesel engines, gas engines, new energy machinery, etc.), generator sets (including low noise gensets and automatic controlled gensets), power equipment accessories and other products. 

    “Weituo” brand tractors earned the only top state silver medal among the same products in China. Their inventory has exceeded 2.6 million units. They cover seven series of TS, D, TY, the Pioneer, green house king, AOYE middle hp, Weituo King big horse power, over 300 varieties which cover 12-120 hp (200-600 hp tractors together developed with foreign country which are already put into market sales period time)  and form a large, medium and small complete product sequence.

    3WP series plant protection machinery is characteristic of high ground clearance, big torque, high cross-country ability, reliable performance. It is better to satisfy the work in deep mud and high viscosity soil paddy field and dry field. It adopt mature torque converter gearbox to realize stepless speed regulation and satisfy different work speed need. Spraying system has manual or intelligent spraying control system which realizes precise quantity spraying according to the control of work speed, liquor pressure and flowing capacity. The spraying width can be 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters or 24 meters. Using different spraying system and control system, this series product also can meet the plant protection management of cotton, yellow fume and other broad leaf crops. 

    Engines mainly have WZH495 (4100, 4102, 4105) series, WR series (105,108,110), WR6113 (6116) series, WR 6126 series, M (128) series 3-16 cylinder engine, which has more than 200 varieties covering 20-1000KW. The products have the following characteristics Hi-powered, economy, easy-starting, high-compatibility, low fuel consumption and low emissions. Engine can be diesel, gas and other fuel and power, mainly used in tractors, gensets, automobiles, ships, construction machinery and other fields.

    Gensets, covering 5-2000KW, mainly have low noise gensets, automatic controlled gensets, mobile power station, which have basic  type, four-protection, automatization, three remote, low noise, multi-paralleling, network, and other multi-functional fixed, mobile diesel gensets, gas gensets, marine gensets and power output units.

    SWT has complete casting, machining, gear and spline shaft machining, heat treatment, sheet pressing, coating, whole set assembly. The major components and its covering parts can be completed independently, which assures a high product quality control.    SWT has processing, painting, assembly, and more than 10 production lines, 1,000 sets of main production equipments and inspection equipments including machining centers, three coordinate measuring instrument and advanced CAD design system for product development , product testing facilities rooms. Its equipment level is advanced in the same industry. SWT has a strong product production and R & D capability.

    SWT is the first company in the same industry to get the ISO9001 quality system certificate and also passed Environment Management System certificate ISO14001 and China Compulsory certificate, UL certificate and CE certificate are also in process. SWT has a sound marketing network and has established a nationwide network with more than 200 service spots, providing instant and convenient services for users. Products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

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